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You have to have a HEART to understand: Snoop Dogg clarifies what he said about Gayle King

Black Global Village
Published on 09 Feb 2020 / In Education

Snoog Dogg goes in on gayle king and the koons again.

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dutch 14 days ago

You can disagree with what Gayle said. But how snoop treated her was disgusting especially since he used to be a pimp that sold black women to white men. He had no problem with allowing black women to be sexually abused so the he can make money. How fucking have the nerve to treat Gayle like she was one of his bitches who didn't make enough money. I'm tempted to send this video to Gayle so she can go in HARD on snoop. She's got the resources to tear him a new asshole. This wasn't about Kobe's legacy because if it was, he would of treated every single journalist the same way as he treated Gayle. This was about putting a bitch in her place. Fuck snoop

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