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What Personality Type are You? Understanding the DISC Module on Hear 2 Help You

Dave Rankin
Published on 25 Oct 2019 / In Education

Salespeople, Realtors, Teachers, Multi-level Marketers, anyone whose career success depends on connecting with people, Dave and Simone have a show for you.
Hear 2 Help You will be reviewing the book, The Great Connection, a story that will illuminate for you what is holding you back and what it will take to launch yourself into a successful life.
"Not until you know yourself, can you ever totally believe in yourself. In that defining moment when your search is over, a gush of new breath flows with an awakening "Ah-Hah," and you know you have made... The Great Connection."
Arnie Warren
#relationships #personality #DISC

“The Great Connection,” is a profound first step in understanding who you are and why you do the things you do! AND why others behave the way they do! “

The Great Connection” is a part auto-biographical story whose characters reflect one of the four DISC behavioral styles. As you read, you will see yourself, others in your life and finally begin to understand who you are, as well as others. 

Bob Hathaway is a 48-year-old Miami radio celebrity who gives up a secure job in Florida to join a popular St. Louis station.

Things begin to sour when his new boss, in search of higher ratings, asks him to become more controversial. Faced with the distasteful shift in style, Hathaway befriends an elderly physician who introduces him to Hippocrates' four basic personality types and tells him to deal with his autocratic boss by tailoring his response to his employer's personality.

After several catalytic events, Hathaway smoothly slides into a new career as a motivational speaker.

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