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The disappointments of Dating as a Black Woman

Published on 21 Mar 2020 / In Relationships

For those who have felt disappointed with dating, I made this book for you

Black women discuss why dating as a black woman is harder, black women, and the struggle to find love, the obstacles dating as a black woman, are black women less desired?

We explore:
1) How do you feel about the stat that black women are the least desired?
2) What is it really like dating as a black woman?
3) How did you decide that you are desired?
4) Should black women date outside of their race?
5) Why some black men don't date black women

This topic is covered in my new book The Game of Desire. The Game of Desire is the true story of my experience working with 6 women who felt left behind in love. Courtney and Deshawn are 2 of the 6 women from the book.

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Listen to episode 3 from my own private podcast titled, "12 Reasons why you're getting ghosted and self-sabotaging your relationships." I list 9 anti-seducers from Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction + I add 3 new ones that I think destroy potentially good relationships. You can gain access to the podcast as well as read the first 15 pages of my new book The Game of Desire, for free, today! 1. Preorder a copy of the book wherever books are sold online.

2. Fill out the form on

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I developed a five-phase strategy that will give anyone the power to become seductive, influential, flirtatious, and highly socially intelligent. Best of all, I tested this strategy out on 5 short-end-of-the-stick single women and documented our entire experience. You can read the whole thing PLUS get access to other learning tools immediately when you pre-order The Game of Desire


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