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Is Racism in Britain to Blame for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Departure

Black Global Village
Published on 13 Jan 2020 / In News & Politics

Crisis talks are taking place today at Sandringham. The Queen, Prince Charles, and Princes William and Harry will meet face-to-face to work out a solution to the wish of the Sussexes to "step back". It's the first meeting between the four since last week's announcement which took the Palace by surprise.
Afua Hirsch debates.

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Jay Stubbs
Jay Stubbs 1 month ago

What European/White people do not seem to understand, refuse to understand, or are incapable of undstanding, is their CONCEPTS & NARRATIVES are White vs Other. Is a English and French girl described as "exotic" in the SAME context as a "mixed race" White-Black woman? White people use terms like "exotic" to describe non-White people and have taught the world to embrace their narratives. Is Meghan Markle "exotic" to Black folks or just White/UK folks???

European people COULDN'T see the world as CULTURES ONLY, and started labeling everyone as White, Black, Red, Brown, Yellow when NO SUCH racial construct LOGICALLY is parametered by such "color schemes."

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