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How to grow long African American Hair Video

Published on 24 Oct 2019 / In Style & Fashion / Hair

If you want to see Black women with long hair go to my channel and check out "My favorites" you will see four Black women with long hair, one from West Africa who is not biracial her hair is over 18 inches long she wears it natural,another who grew her hair out from aTWA she is not mixed and her hair is not curly, the others are African American girls with natural hair one has hair down to her waist. Healthy hair grows, damaged hair breaks off and doesn't retain length, dry brittle hair also breaks off. I grew my hair by keeping it moisturized and using protective styling. I stopped relaxing it and stopped using heat, not even a blow dryer. Now I use heat sometimes but never relaxer. I wanted to share my experience on how I restored my hair to healthy hair that grew longer than I ever imagined possible.

In this video I'm reviewing a hair care product as I explain how I grew my hair out from a permanent relaxer. After relaxing my hair for 15 years and getting a very short hair cut, I decided to stop relaxing my hair and grow it out. I wore my hair in a pony tail while using Moisturizing Lotion for almost eight years. This protetive styling and moisturizing lotions helped my damaged hair to stop breaking off while my hair continued to grow in. My hair grew to my waist. I'm not biracial and my hair is not naturally curly, if I don't apply any product to my hair ie. lotion. curly pudding, hair milk etc. To see my hair in its natural state check out my videos on "How to do Bantu Knots on long African American Hair," and "How to style African American Hair".

In this video I review the Komaza Coconut Curl products which gave my hair the beautiful curly look you see here. To see my hair in its natural state using "Oils and Butters" see my video on " Oils and butters I use For my Hair". The oils and butters I use loosen the pattern of my hair and stretches out the natural hair pattern making my hair soft and easy to manage, with less tangles, and a lot of shine and moisture.

Enjoy your hair journey...

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