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Eric 12 Oct 2020

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Why the world is mad at black people
24 Oct 2020
Why the world is mad at black people
dutch · 2 Views

Does Black Entertainment Matters? (Our Family Story and The Youtube Kids App)


In this video, we share our reason for creating content and our situation with the Youtube Kids App!
If you believe ALL kids should have representation on media platforms like Youtube Kids App, please sign this petition!


0:00 Start
0:49 Back Story
2:04 Black Family Creators Before Us
3:20 Not having Parents
5:31 Being Inspired By Fellow Creators To Create Our Own Channel
6:25 Our First Video The World’s Biggest Toy Box
9:37 Our Why
12:32 Black Kid Superheroes 
17:50 Creating Favorite Home Movies
19:15 Retiring From Our Profession & Family Growing
21:00 Expanding Brand & Recreating Fantasies From Childhood
25:48 Parents Comments & Inspiration From Our Videos
27:00 Goo Goo Colors Growth & Little Representation 
28:40 Expanding Our Brand and Meet & Greet
31:10 Celebrities and Professionals Showing Support For Our Content
32:30 Parents Informing Us About Not Being On The Youtube Kids App
34:36 Other Creators Being Inspired and Using Our Creativity
36:00 We Want Representation On The Youtube Kids App & Why
37:29 Youtube Advertising Youtube Kids App Below All of Our Videos
38:16 Proof Showing Lack of Black Families On Youtube Kids App
38:40 CEO Of Youtube Susan Wojcicki  Pledges $100 Million Fund To Support Black Creators Rant
45:39 Why Black Families Should Be On The Kids App
48:14 Parent Explaining Real Life Experience and Our Influences
49:24 Our Petition
51:33 We Need Celebrities To Amplify Our Voice

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YouTube Announces $100 Million Fund to Amplify the Voices of Black Creators and Artists

YouTube just pledged a $100 million fund to support Black creators on its platform while also vowing to tackle harassment

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Why the world is mad at black people
24 Oct 2020
Why the world is mad at black people
dutch · 2 Views