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#Darkpill (not black); debunking current philosophies of the manosphere

Published on 19 Dec 2019 / In People & Blogs

#redpill #bluepill #blackpill

"Uno puede estar tan cabrón como quiere estar"

I called it dark pill because I don't agree with red or black pill philosophies in it's entirety, just some (or many) aspects. We will develop an "in between these two" philosophy. I planned to call it yellow, or orange pill, but maybe dark red is a more assertive color.
A friend asks me for help while he
1) Is falling for a woman in her family.
2) Has a daughter and likes her too.
People don't talk about these situations in real life, that's why I'm starting this broadcasts, to be more open about "forbidden" or not politically correct topics.
If somebody asks me a question in english I won't hesitate to answer it, thing is that my native language is Spanish, I'm from Mexico.

Question number 1:
Is it of leaders finding treasures where others find crap?
When a prospect is qualified as not worth it, it's just that; not worth anything (time, money, effort).
Red Pill men tend to be very direct when classifying women or prospects, that's good because you need to know where you put your D on.
Blue pilled men tend to fall on the trap that they can be judged, but they can't judge the women they like. That's just BS, and why they get in the claws of subprime women.
If you like something about someone that it's not worth it, go ahead only if doors are open. If not, don't waste your time. You should never be with someone that is not high quality on a Long Term Relationship.

Is it worth it if she's good in bed?
It doesn't have to be more than that, just carnal love. If you wanna know if she's good in bed and nobody else has told you about that, you can't make that conversation topic. Ask her what she likes, what she doesn't (in bed), just naturally.
A blue pilled man will tell you "if you like her and she's a good person (whatever the fuck that is for them) you have to be responsible for their mistakes because you are with her (shit)".

When a scum doesn't want to be with my beloved one:
that means that the girl is not necessarily damaged, but maybe the scum is so scum he doesn't feel worthy of the damaged good.

I'm happy this is the first time that I can interact with a member of the audience and answer a couple of questions. I don't intend to do it about classic topics like single moms and pickup, but situations that haven't been on air yet.

If you have a weird marriage or a f'd up relationship, this is the place for you. We've all been there, so feel free to ask, and we'll figure things out.

My despertar was after 2 LTR's that didn't work out but left me with a lot of experience, but more than anything, desire to meet new people and do stuff I had left because I stopped taking care of what I really liked, to listen to the needs of other people.

Blessings. If your target has a blessing (son or daughter), it depends on what you want.
If you like your target and her blessing, it's over. You gotta choose, and the daughter has to be over 18 (or 21 depending on the country).

You have to look for better options (several if not in LTR), which is the better logical choice. Red Pill and PUAs suggest a rotation of 4 to 6.

How to get rid of the ex:
Don't tackle the ex, just go for the girl. She is the one who will decide who she's gonna be with.

Become meymz, become dark pill. What would you suggest? Chocolate?

If she hasn't gotten over her ex, you have to wait till it's really over. You can enter vulnerability, but it isn't the best idea.

We want love? we tend to look for validation when it doesn't come from within. Seeking for validation is like saying the others are responsible for our happiness.

If you like whatever this is , you can subscribe the channel and like the video. Any ideas of new topics or content will be welcome, this is all man's land.

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