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Blatant Racist Attacks in Hong Kong in 2019 :'( Solo Black Female Traveller. Four times too man

Published on 16 Oct 2019 / In Travel & Events


Do this video justice and watch in HD 1080p
Hey guys
I'm making this upload with a very heavy heart :( My trip to Hong Kong didn't end the way I had imagined it would end. I was attacked and kicked out of three pubs because the staff there hadn't seen a black woman who can travel alone besides prostitutes. Never in my life did I think I'd loose my dignity in this way but , the way that night unfolded definitely left a lasting scar in my heart. They were so sure I was a prostitute so they refused to serve my table and said the only way they were going to let me to sit outside was if I had my caucasian friends join my table; otherwise I had to move and sit inside where I'm hidden (mind you the best ambiance in Lan Kwai Fong is when you sit outside along the main street). My friends were somewhere else and I felt like bar hopping as it was my last night in Hong Kong. This street is similar to Florida Road in Durban and it was not my first time going there so I know the vibe quite well and that's exactly why I was confident about exploring it on my own as I knew where to to find the best urban music and a great ambiance.

I'm uploading this video just to bring awareness to other black female solo travellers who intend on making a stop in Hong Kong some day. The world is definitely still not fully ready for black female independence. Upon uploading my story on Instagram so many women have come forward to share similar stories that happened while they were travel solo around the world. I am such a nomad so this was the very first time feeling this uncomfortable while travelling. What this has taught me is that colonialism has the same feel and taste wherever you go. I now appreciate places that haven't been touched by colonialism, where people may stare and marvel at how different you look but that's really where it ends. They don't go out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable. The kind of racism I experience on the Mainland China is usually out of utter ignorance but this malicious kind is something I haven't had to deal with since leaving South Africa. Hong Kong feels strangely familiar in that way, as mixed and modernised as the cultures may be, you can still sense some friction and hatred among the people and traces of self hatred from colonised minds which is a tragedy waiting to happen . If you come across this video and you're from Hong Kong I encourage you to open your mind to different breed of black women who work hard and manage to sustain themselves and their families, save and still afford to travel the world, splurge and spoil themselves with high quality resorts. The time is now for it to be ok decolonize your obscure views about the rest of the world. The time is now for it to be ok to be black and successful.

I will upload another video about my amazing trip to Hong Kong next because this only happened on my last day there but it doesn't negate the fact that I had an amazing time. I think it makes sense to start on a negative and end on a positive note. I personally don't agree with posting negativity but this is definitely something worth using my platform to speak up about. Every now and then we have to take the responsibility and address such topics because keeping quit only leaves us shattered inside.
♥ Thanks for stopping by ♥#HongKong #LanKwaiFong #RacisminHongKong
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Hong Kong

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