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Dave Rankin
Dave Rankin 19 Jun 2020

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33 in the Media
20 Jun 2020
33 in the Media
zaji sawubona · 31 Views

BEFORE WE GET ERASED! The Purging of Alternative Media


How has disinformation caused confusion and larger issues within the Afro-Caribbean community?

With all of the news stories being spread all over social media, on A Better Tomorrow, Dave and Simone will dig deep into stories that are affecting Africans living in the Diaspora. We are focused on exposing how advertisers, mainstream media sources, and social media platforms attempt to polarize the mass public.

This week we take a deeper look at the Minneapolis riots, and talk about what some of the things CNN, and Fox didn’t show us. We will also be looking at why Bill Gates has selected Blacks as the first set of people to receive his vaccine, and Dave takes a look at the Black African and Caribbean Social Cultural and Economic Empowerment and Anti-Black Racism Unit

Be critical about the information that you ingest, and learn how sift the real from the fake.
#billgates #protests #racism #business #news #mainstream #alternative

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How to sell to the Negro

Protests are not what they look like on TV

C’monie Scott Live, May 28th, 2020

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33 in the Media
20 Jun 2020
33 in the Media
zaji sawubona · 31 Views