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4 Common Issues In Relationships -American Women & African Men | Dating African men

Published on 19 Dec 2019 / In Relationships


4 Common Issues In Relationships -American Women & African Men | Dating African men

Welcome and thank you for reading this blog post. This write-up will talk about some of the common problems in relationships with American/African men.
By tackling these issues early on, you will stay on the path to a healthy relationship with your African man.

No solid communication- Some ladies are scared to tell their man the truth regarding different things. It could be hygiene, sex or a habit that is annoying. It is important to communicate with your man on a calm level and tell him what is on your mind. If you don't know what to say, you should look up YouTube videos on "how to communicate in a relationship with a man". One man told me in confidence that he didn't know why his woman became very distant sexually and he tried asking her and she didn't tell him only avoided him. I started working with this man and noticed several things. He had very poor hygiene and when I asked him some questions about romancing his wife, he shared he doesn't really do nice things for her. Had his woman told him the problems, I believe he would've improved for her love. He couldn't improve because he didn't know what was the problem. I didn't mention his mistakes to him, because I didn't feel it was my place to convey that to him at that moment and plus I was working for him lol.

No Respect- It is very important to respect the man that you are with. If he is wrong about something, don't yell scream or get violent. Calmly tell him what the issue is without insulting his heritage, tradition or him in general. Although there are some African men that don't tolerate disrespect, I have seen some that are treated like a dog by their women. I noticed the ones that don't have their papers being maltreated by some American women. My ex-husband's friend didn't have his papers and his wife would mistreat him and throw him out of the house all because of trivial things. He worked very hard, and I discerned he was a nice man but for some reason, he could never leave this monster of a lady.

No Honesty- This virtue is very important to have. Broken hearts happen when there is no honesty and that leads to distrust. This goes both ways. So some people out here withhold their STD status and lie about other things to avoid early on rejection from their partner. However, down the road, the truth is discovered and this rocks the relationship to the core. Being upfront from the get-go can help your relationship have a solid honest foundation.

Lack of understanding the culture- I remember coming home from working 12.5 hours & getting into a heated argument with my ex-husband over him cooking a dish from Guinea (his family is from but he was born in Senegal). The dish looked like an okra stew and when he put a certain spice in it, the smell was overwhelming. I told him to trash the fresh food that he just made because my house would have this odor. Upon hearing this, we both got into a screaming match about this food. He stated, "you know I am from Africa, why do you have an issue with this, you know it is in my culture"! Looking back, I see I made a bad mistake. I could've asked him calmly if he could close the kitchen door and opened the windows or worked out some kind of solution to avoid having an argument about this food.

Well, that concludes today's message. Thank you for reading. Please share the blog post and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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